Jersey Shore Swing
Some Savoy at the Shore.

About Jersey Shore Swing

What is Jersey Shore Swing?

Jersey Shore Swing is a community of Lindy Hoppers that are committed to the pursuit of preserving and advancing the often overlooked thrill of partner dancing to the rhythms of jazz and blues. Lindy Hop, nurtured in the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem from the Charleston of the 20's, provides a unique vehicle for people to connect to one another through the music. Lindy Hop is a dance that feels as dynamic as it looks. It is the in-the-moment connection with the music and your partner that keeps Lindy Hoppers the world over coming back for more.

Jersey Shore Swing is a growing group of regular people who have discovered that listening to the great Jazz and Blues at the Shore can be even better when you're swinging out.

What do we do?

Share information about what is going on locally related to swing dancing. With all of the great Jazz and Blues in the Shore area, there a lots of opportunities for "shoe-changers" to get together and "Lindy-bomb" at local venues.
Share information about what is going on in the wider Lindy world. NYC and Philly are not that far away when you can share a ride and there are fabulous national and international Lindy events that range from long weekends to the month long Herrang in Sweden.
Most of all, share the spirit of the Ambassador of Lindy Hop, Frankie Manning who personifies joy that can be found in this thoroughly American art form.
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