Jersey Shore Swing
Some Savoy at the Shore.

Lindy Hop Videos

The Quintessential Lindy Hop Videos

Have to start with Frankie...

The classic video of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers with Frankie Manning.

Some Jack and Jill Contests

You Tube has lots of Lindy Hop performances, but the Jack and Jill contests are interesting because it is just social dancing. The partners are chosen at random and the songs are not known until they start playing.

OK. These are the best dancers around, so it looks like a performance.

Fast. Fun.

The Global Shim Sham shown at Frankie 95, Frankie Manning's 95th Birthday Party celebration. Lindy Hoppers from all over the world posted their Shim Sham videos to honor Frankie who pased away shortly before the event. This composite video was shown at the main event in NYC.

Learn it from Frankie.